Wednesday, August 12, 2009

nina chakrabarti

Nina is an illustrator based in London, England.
This series was produced exclusively for I Want You Magazine.

nina chakrabarti

i want you magazine

picture of the day

January 23, 1924. Washington, D.C. "Midget." News item, Jan. 20: "The first organized touring Coolidge Marching Club to work for the nomination of the president comes to Washington Sunday morning. It is composed of 25 European midgets, headed by I.S. Rose, New Englander and impresario. The midgets wear buttons and ribbons on which is inscribed 'Coolidge 1925.'"

found on Shorpy

also, little fyi for those that may be wondering the same thing i was... these days "midget" is politically incorrect. "little people" is what is preferred.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1930s futuristic fashion predictions

Amusing predictions by american fashion designers from the 1930s of what the well-dressed man and woman would be wearing in the year 2000. the guy at the end is by far my favorite.

picture of the day

i'm pretty sure i saw two woodpeckers fly over my car the other day while i was driving. maybe. maybe not. total uneducated guess.

i'm thinking they may have been red-headed woodpeckers. (see below.) the one pictured above is a greater spotted woodpecker.

red-headed woodpecker