Wednesday, April 29, 2009

picture of the day

picture of the day is something that i started doing about a year and half ago now, posting them on myspace as bulletins. my archive of pictures i have posted is up to 409 today. i work at a computer, 9-5 mon-friday... this is a little somethin somethin that i do for myself everyday. a little shimmer in a day of monotony. if you'd like to check out the 408 pics posted prior to this one, i have them all saved in an album on my myspace profile. just go to photos > picture of the day album. that'll have to do til i figure out a better way to archive them... or a simple way to move hundreds of pictures from one place to another with ease... let me know if you know something about that kind of stuff. in the meantime, i will slowly but surely be back-archiving them on here, along with some other projects i've done in the past. hope you enjoy. 

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