Thursday, March 25, 2010

picture of the day

woke up this morning from a dream where i had just received a text message from my friend christa that said "i love you but i hate your stinky feet." i got really concerned about it, didn't understand if she was joking or serious. for some reason i thought she was really serious and then i got all paranoid that i have stinky feet and that she was mad at me because of it and maybe everybody thinks i have stinky feet... and then i thought... wait... christa doesn't have a cell phone... and then i woke up.

so random.

i found this image from the Life Magazine photo archive doing an image search for "feet."
it was taken in 1942 by Fritz Goro... and seemed to be from a collection of scientific research on feet, posture & balance. pretty interesting & weird photographs.

here's a few others from the collection:

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