Friday, October 10, 2008

adventures in kittyland

so i have these two little baby kittens and they are gettin bigger everyday. developing their own little distinct personalities...

today after i got out of the shower i was in my room and all of a sudden i heard a big splash in the bathroom. i ran in there, and found gizmo in the tub. there was about 4 inches of water in there, and she was just walkin around, splish splashin, happy as can be!! she loves water!!! who would've thought?!

the other little guy, godzilla, just sat on the ledge watching her not knowing what to think of the whole thing. he kept leaning down, and at one point lost his balance and fell in. he totally freaked and hopped right out... it didn't even phase gizmo. she stayed in there for about 15 minutes before she hopped out. and then she was all wet and looked like a drippy rat! what a little weirdo.

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