Wednesday, October 15, 2008

splish splash, kitties in the bath (followup to adventures in kittyland)

to follow up the last story, where we discovered our little gizmo is a water lover... after thinking about it all day, i got home from work that night and was curious to see if that was a one time thing, or maybe we have a genuine little aqua cat on our hands. well, the fact that as soon as i opened the door to my room she ran straight into the bathroom and jumped in the tub was a good indication. i took her out of there because i didn't want the sudden running water to frighten her and blow the whole thing... so i took her out and started the water and she immediately jumped right back in, even with the water running! the other cat, godzilla, just sat on the ledge the whole time and wouldn't go near the water, but kept a watchful eye over his sis.

we actually got some pics this time...

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