Tuesday, July 7, 2009

picture of the day

the author is unknown. a photo is kept in the museum of moscow school # 356.

this picture reminded me of a story from growing up. i was probably about 5 years old and was visiting a farm that belonged to a friend of my parents with my family. they had all these kittens running around and i immediately fell in LoVe with this little scrawny one that couldn't stop sneezing and had snot all over it's face. i was going to call him "sniffles" and we were going to live happily ever after, the farm owner even said i could have him... only, my parents didn't. i was told i was not allowed to take sniffles home with us. this was devastating, and i was not going to just stand by and let us be separated without atleast attempting to figure out a way around it.

i remember i was wearing this light blue jacket that had snaps going up the front. i waited til the last second before we got into the station wagon before i swooped sniffles into my jacket. i climbed into the way-back of the car so my back was facing my parents, and i let one snap loose so sniffles could stick his little head out and breath out of their sight. we waved goodbye, started rolling away, made it almost to the end of the long dirt drive way when my dad heard that little cat sneezing. busted. reverse. goodbye sniffles.


  1. Awww, I had "shakes." The owners were going to kill him. He would shake like crazy everytime he got up to try to walk. 3 of his legs supported him, but the 4th... everytime he tried to step on it, he'd flip-over! something like step, step, step, flip, step, step, step, flip.
    My parents wouldn't let me keep him, but I made friends hang on to him til we could find a home. Last I heard he has no signs of his disabilities as a kitten.

  2. poor little guy. glad you found him a good home. xo.