Thursday, March 17, 2011

picture of the day

costumed irish dancers, 1927
all of these pictures are from the cleveland memory project


irish coffee float, 1980

The steps of St. John Cathedral, E. Ninth St. and Superior Ave. were a favored vantage point for watching the Irish Day Parade, 1975

crowd of spectators, 1977

elevated view of st. patrick's day parade, 1935

Having a sniff: Fire Capt. Fred Sheffler gave Joseph Simmons, 3, a snootful of flowers on one of the St. Patrick's Day floats, 1975

St. Patrick's Day Parade: That's water, not Irish Whiskey, that Bob Augustus (left) and William Fritzsche are pouring into a squirt gun. They are members of the Al Koran Shrines Krazy Kops, 1975

Majorettes with batons standing in snow flurries , 1959 parents were engaged at the cleveland st. patrick's day parade in 1982. my dad jumped into the parade with some friends carrying a sheet that they had painted "Erin Go Braugh!" When they spotted my mom in the crowd, standing with friends and family, they flipped the sheet over and it read "Patti Will You Marry Me?" I've always loved that story. wish i had a picture on me, i'd post here.

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  1. that day was magical, patti read the sign and commented how neat it was and then began looking around for that lucky girl patti. then she realized greg was carrying the sign!!!

    it was amazing!!!

    uncle tom