Wednesday, June 2, 2010

buzz kill

having moving anxiety dreams even though i've already survived that ordeal... we had to be out of the apartment immediately, like, within minutes but hadn't moved anything out yet. we were so high up that looking out the window we were in the clouds and there was no elevator and the only people there to help were senior citizens. i remember wondering who the hell were they and how the hell did they get there. i was frustrated because they were just standing around not doing anything. i grabbed a broom and decided to sweep off the dining room table - which was a giant enclosed box. it still had table legs in the corners, but there were screens in between the legs creating a box. you could tell that it was filled with stuff, but it was so packed and so caked with dirt that nobody could tell what was in there. i was frantically sweeping it off when i accidentally poked a hole into the screen. a swarm of bees flew out of it and attacked me.

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