Tuesday, June 15, 2010

little stinkers

had a dream that i went outside and was standing on the porch when i noticed that something was in the grass. like, the grass was covered in something... i looked closer and what i was looking at were thousands of tiny tiny little skunks. there was a hole in the ground in the corner of the yard by the chain linked fence. all of a sudden everything started rumbling and then there was a giant bang and millions of tiny skunks exploded out of the hole in the ground like old faithful. we took off running away across the field. i was with a big group of friends but can't remember specifically who was there... i turned around at one point while we were running away to see behind us and noticed that Obama was running with us. He was wearing mike goulis' turquoise button down dress shirt. i had the feeling that he wanted to be undercover and wanted people to just think he was a regular guy, so i didn't want to give away that he was the president, so as we were running i just turned around, smiled and waved at him and said "what's up man? how's it going?". we were running towards a city where all of the buildings were like a mile tall and skinny like a pencil. they were so big, but instead of looking like skyscrapers, they looked like ancient ruins, made of giant old stones. none of them were completely straight, they were all at slight angles.

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